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Recess rEVOLution

Pst: A little secret, see "rEVOLution" up there..? The bold letters are actually LOVE spelled the other way round.. Cool ha~ XP

After our visit to Charis for the Vision Casting~ This is the gist that caught from it!

Credits to Aeris for putting up this little summarization of what we heard there~ It's called Recess Revolution..

Recess rEVOLution

WOW!~ v hav learnt a new method of fishing by bringing church to people instead of bringing people to church!~ You can bring church to anywhere, ur uni, school, working place, community and all sort of places coz..WE ARE THE CHURCH!~

All you need to do is... Start with the 3V!~
1. Vision (Share the good news to ppl
2. Value/s (by showing love
3. Volunteers (through U n Me using words or actions!)

So... How r v goin to do that? it is very easy.. First...
We just need to form a group of minimum 4 peoples..
1. You
2. The Father
3. The Son
4. ANd the Holy spirit
5. Slowly you can draw more people and form bigger group (even with the non-C)!

Then!~ we need 3S
1. Show up (with the group, you need to show up to support
2. Stand up ( stand up for the right
3. Speak up ( speak up through actions or words)

No matter wat.. just try whatever way u can to show LOVE to people surrounding you.. Just try!~ but u must also remember u need to pray, listen and obey to God to make this work too!~

Owe nothing to anyone- except your obligation to love one another. If you love ur neighbour, you will fullfill the requirement of God's law. Romans 13:8

So, start it now!~ Showing LOVE at the place you are standing now!~ Go GO GOOOOOOO!!!!

Be on FIRE for God!~ Do everything bcoz of Him!~ Amen!!

* feel free to visit http://www.urtherevolution.com/ to copy any idea of hw to show love!~ =) God loves all of u!
Join us as we meet thousands of like-minded and like-spirite

Vision Casting

Hey peeps..

Our Sri Johor community service for this week will be postponed till further notice yea..

Instead we'll be joining the Love Cheras Vision Casting in Charis Church~

Hehe.. Wanna know what all these is about? Come join us!

It will be on this Saturday, 5th of March. For Youth Aflames we'll be meeting in CEFC and will depart at 3.30pm so remember to let your leaders or interns know if you're joining us. Don't wanna leave anyone behind~ So.. We'll see you there!

A Wake Up Call

Spend some time listening to it..

Yes it may be long, but its worth your time.

Christianity, its more then just a prayer, more then just believing or professing, it is repentance, it is action, it has an end result - being different from how you were before. Look at your life, the way you walk, the way you talk, are you reflecting who you claim you are? Confession is nothing without action.

"Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but ONLY he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven." Matthew 7:21

A changed life, one that is pleasing before God is the only proof that you have truly been saved.
So.... Check your heart and prepare for the change..!


Youth will commence as usual with CG-ing until further notice~
6pm in CEFC.. :) Except for Mei Mei's CG..
For more info or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Happy Chinese New Year Everybody!!!


Welcome to the year of the rabbit!!!

For such an auspicious occasion..
There must be..



So let us gather together for a fun time of fellowship!



We'll be having a BBQ celebration in our beloved Melia's mansion on the 12th of Feb (Saturday) which starts at 7pm.

Feel free to invite your friends to come join us.. For Youth Aflame its RM10 per head but for guests they come for FREE! hoohoo~ But do confirm the number of people coming before Thursday ya. So we can prepare the food~

See ya there..!

What's the plan ?!

Our first youth in 2011!
Hope we've brought some fun and laughter into your new year~

Now that we've warmed up to each other its time to have our goals set for the year!

Let us "Begin with the end in mind - Stephen Covey" What do you want your end result to be like this year? Work towards it! Plan towards it!

All of us play a part in encouraging each other to stick to "The Plan!"
So come.. Encourage~ And be encouraged as we set our goals together this week..

15th Jan 2011 (Sat)

Ps: for the next 2 weeks which are 22/1 (Sat) and 29/1 (Sat) we'll be having CG bonding time together too! Same time same place~ Topics are up to your leaders to decide~ So do keep in touch with them if you want to know more.. x)

If you're unsure who's CG you belong to.. Or who are your CG leaders.. Or any other questions do drop us a comment and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Have a great day~!

Welcoming 2011~


2011 is a new year that brings a new start to all of us..
As we shall remember that the old has gone and the new has come~

Its the time to do your reflections of last year (if you didn't do that during December) and start planning up your new year goals and resolutions!

As we welcome the new year let's not forget to thank God for His faithfulness
and remember to start your year right with God!

Youth Aflamers are in for a special treat this week as we'll be having a

Team Building !

8th January 2011 (Saturday)


Cheras EFC

*Psst.. There's a makan session at the end too... ohohoho.. *

Its a time for gathering back together for fellowship and its an absolutely good chance to bring and meet new people!
Sooooo... Bring all your friends to join in the fun!


Chatting spree~